bill cosby is opening a new dance club in philadelphia(wink wink)

23 Mar

Club Cosby, the place where you are free to wear sweaters, drink frozen jello pudding pops filled with delicious alcohol, and dance to earsplitting dubstep, freestyle, and hip hop music (yeah you read that right…Cosby hip)

the conceptual brainchild of phillys own(by way of california) premier indie hip-hop/trap-step artist Buddy Leezle . It will be here, MARCH 26 (M room 15WGirard and frankford) where all who attend, will get there face melted proper by the assaultive turntable stylings of the sexy DJs BATTLEAXEBABY, DJ Merenda(NYC). Get smacked with the lyricism of a young Ryshon Jones and the CO CHAMPS as well as yours trulys awesome debut performance as Ayo!k…. its a win win all across the board……

it must have been fate how i was able to link up with completely righteous doodz and to finally be able to grace the noble Club Cosby stage…. it mustve been fate i say…(as well numerous grams of kush no doubt)

this will be the third installment of Club Cosby.. and it is setting up to be quite the charmer….

i mean how charming can it be when at the time of this writing i still havent recorded the music im supposed to be performing to (!)

when my new laptop cut into the budget for printing the flyers(!!)

and the studio i WAS recording at, has mysteriously caught a virus(!!!)


but dont fret my fellow Cosby Club goers ayo!k has been known two pull miracles out his ass….(but that is all..i promise)

i also promise to all those who have chosen not to attend ….that you will be considered from tis day forth as a dumb dum….jus saying

because what i have in store for those who were hip enough and thirsty enough to bring there cosby sweater wearing ass through the door will be nothing short of amazing….

so put on them dancing shoes, and roll up to the M room on saturday if you aint square…(did i mention the pudding shots are free!!!!!)   cosby out….


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