bill cosby is opening a new dance club in philadelphia(wink wink)

23 Mar

Club Cosby, the place where you are free to wear sweaters, drink frozen jello pudding pops filled with delicious alcohol, and dance to earsplitting dubstep, freestyle, and hip hop music (yeah you read that right…Cosby hip)

the conceptual brainchild of phillys own(by way of california) premier indie hip-hop/trap-step artist Buddy Leezle . It will be here, MARCH 26 (M room 15WGirard and frankford) where all who attend, will get there face melted proper by the assaultive turntable stylings of the sexy DJs BATTLEAXEBABY, DJ Merenda(NYC). Get smacked with the lyricism of a young Ryshon Jones and the CO CHAMPS as well as yours trulys awesome debut performance as Ayo!k…. its a win win all across the board……

it must have been fate how i was able to link up with completely righteous doodz and to finally be able to grace the noble Club Cosby stage…. it mustve been fate i say…(as well numerous grams of kush no doubt)

this will be the third installment of Club Cosby.. and it is setting up to be quite the charmer….

i mean how charming can it be when at the time of this writing i still havent recorded the music im supposed to be performing to (!)

when my new laptop cut into the budget for printing the flyers(!!)

and the studio i WAS recording at, has mysteriously caught a virus(!!!)


but dont fret my fellow Cosby Club goers ayo!k has been known two pull miracles out his ass….(but that is all..i promise)

i also promise to all those who have chosen not to attend ….that you will be considered from tis day forth as a dumb dum….jus saying

because what i have in store for those who were hip enough and thirsty enough to bring there cosby sweater wearing ass through the door will be nothing short of amazing….

so put on them dancing shoes, and roll up to the M room on saturday if you aint square…(did i mention the pudding shots are free!!!!!)   cosby out….


its been a long time…since i left you…

5 Mar

what a year it has been…yea yea i know its been a hella long time since i posted…im in the process of re imagining this thing i call a blog..but while i was on this search for enlightenment many new (and not so new) things are developing on the music front

…i can actually say ive stumbled on a yet to be released HIT single (crossing fingers) so make sure to check back up for that

…as far as some other things

…im back behind the keyboards producing again…and then  theres this business about a farrarri…but anywayz

Shit gettin crazy…

aside from unsuccessfully trying to find a second job (to undoubtedly fund my burgeoning empire)

*I’m still looking by the way

i stumbled across a few female friends which, for the most part, …distract the shit outta me but i love it

winter is approaching (lol damn this is an old post) and ive found a new studio home now ill ive got to do is find a home home kuz im movin out mutha fuka! 

why am i still is… even when im tryin not to be..(or something)

22 Aug

chitty chitty...

im done with so called gangster rap…i mean i am no longer interested in making music which references “gun pop” “cook it down to the oils” and whatever the hell “swag” is supposed to be…not saying i dont listen to the occasional 2pac, yukmouth, or jeezy joint.

its just that for me  im no longer wanting to make music that could draw undue negativity to me…ive been listenin to alot of, b.o.b., drake, and lupe as of late, and i admire the fact that alot of these new artist aren’t concerned with being “hard” or “gangsta” they can actually be true to themselves and the music with out having to manufacture some false image of being a drug kingpin (read: rick ross)

and even tho im distancing my self musically from the street element

dont get it fuked up

i still am from the streets

which is  basically the concept behind the song “we not we is”

even tho im not running the streets, shooting people, selling drugs or pimpin i still am a product of those very things and i dont want people to think that because my music is going to be more “pop music” rather than “pop glocks” that i myself have changed..

there will always be a street element to my music im just not killin hella people

so fuh all yall gansta music aficionados who thought i was coming home from jail to make some chitty chitty bang bang music  im so sorry to disappoint….go listen to jeezy

but before i go all the way pop…..

and since im from the bay area california i had to adress that stupid ass Tyga from yung money when he dissed the bay in the song “crickets” by newz boys

24+ hour studio session, sitting in a sweatshop and seeing twilight (im not talking about them stupid ass vampires either)

5 Aug

the "sweatshop" studio

so you think you have what it takes to be in this music game.

youve been watchin MTV jams all week and think all you got to do is come up with a nifty dance and or video and youl get 10,000 spins huh?

you think you got what it takes huh?

you prolly be on facebook all day “promoting” your little songs and stuff huh? (im guilty of that)

you think you gonna run into Jay-Z  at the Burger King and get signed dont you?

ohh you on ya grind you say?

i hear you..

tell me what you know about  sittin in a small ass room for 24 hours (i aint talkin jail either)

with hella smoke in the air and a little ass fan that blows hot ass dust.

what do you know about sittin up all night tryin to get these bloggers to hear and review your music?

what do you know about reading countless music blogs in hopes you see contact info?

you got swag huh?

(WTF is swag anywayz?)

what do you know about dealing with 100 fragile egos that coincide with 1000 personality’s ?

well thats what i do…

i have literally sat in the studio aply named the “sweatshop” doing exactly that..sweatin my nuts off

listening to what could be the next hit produced by Fresco! Zay aka FGM

writing would could be a break out single for ya boy…

im goin in untill they kick me out

eat when your hungry, sleep when your dead (or just really tired)

18 Jul

this is an angry post, i will be spewing venom for my keypad, apparently there was a young artist who had enlisted me in helping him record his music

he felt as though he had a song he would like to have recorded professionally and had no means of doing this yung fella (i sound old dont i) would not shut the fu*k up about this damn dance rap he wanted to record…

every day the same conversation “yo dog when i dropp this track imma pop” thats all this mutha fu*ka ever said “yo dog”  WTF?

any wayz to make a long story short

i caved .

.i had decided to let this person into my sanctuary i call a studio the place where i spit my thoughts and wipe them up with a hard hitting beat..

and for what. i could tell that this young bol was not as hungry as my self, for if he was he would have made the necessary moves to insure that he would be successful..

for one, dude stayed coming to work late and decided he should quit before he had another job lined up.

and secondly i never even saw him pick up one book having to deal with music whatsoever

like he really though he wuz going to be the next soldier boy or some sh*t

yo this sh*t takes work… this aint no play ground sh*t

tell me this the fu*k you late to YOUR own studio session

if you wanted something so badly you would think that you would have at least been on time..

if a mutha fu*ka told me on monday he was goin to look out for me and offer me access to a real recording facility on tuesday

my ass would have been waitin in front that door ready for the vocal booth that past sunday

real talk…

im up for hours writting music, blogging,  editing video, reading blogs, and mashin on twitter, tryin to get a mutha fu*ka to press play and doin shows

what ever it takes to make a dent

what ever it takes till it crack open like a sledge hammer hittin a watermelon…

you hungry yet??

feed me seymore

how DRAKE will save hip hop, make sure you thank him

10 Jul

now i know yall have had this album in yall ipod for like weeks now i mean i cant  go down the block to get a homemade ice tea without some chick bangin this shit in her Toyota

but it seems that there are people who still want to know what i think bout the dude

perhaps my not so secret dislike for the Young Money camp might be a reason

so never the less i am going to attempt to give you my unbiased (wink wink)opinion on the latest DRAKE offering ..

dont thank me at all

–fireworks feat Alicia Keys

this to me is his
introspective look into his experiences surrounding his newfound glory
at times humble at times arrogant the perfect human combination
alicias vocals give the track an air of dreamyness and uplifts the song as a whole
(im a sucker for strings and background vocal ensembles)
Drakes inspirational lyrical content caused me to also wish see fireworks
with the autobiographical accounts dealing with love, family, and career also gives us a glimpse into the mind of a man thrust into success and concerned that this might adversely affect his relationships…PLY- REPEAT

–the resistance

not to particularly fond of this track
perhaps the lack of drums or the similarity to the song fireworks…FFWD

–show me a good time

wasnt sure how this song was going to turn out Kanye  made the beat the sample and the drums in the opening measures sound like some shit made on a old ass Roland in the late 90’s
some more bragging from the dude but i think kanye played the homie Drake with that “beat i had forgotten about that was on an old ass DAT tape that i found under the bed so lemmie jus give it to the new kid” beat…SKIP

–Fancy Ft T.I. and Swizz Beats

beat sounds like some Primo type shyt its kool tho
i guess this is the anthem for them chicks that spend 30% of they paycheck to make it appear that their paycheck iz 50% larger than it is
i dunno i aint hatin tho
i like the track
but that bol T.I. i think destroys Drake on his own shit ala EM and Jay

i have a hankering for some baked Zitti all of a sudden...PLY

..hol up i gotta stop right here to make my drink and smoke a cigarette..

–Unforgettable Ft. Jeezy

despite the title.. the track i feel is anything but unforgettable
i havent like jeezy since “go getta” so i guess i was a little biased when i heard the song
Drizzy does his thing on the hook
but i feel that the subject matter has been done to death..FFWD-SKIP

–Miss me Ft lil wayne

decent track
d.o r.ight a.nd k.ill e.rything
oh ok
and i dont think i would any woman sucking the brown off me anytime soon
well on second thought…PLAY

–Find your Love

one of my favorite trax and a good follow up single
i kant help to feel that i could relate to the video
(no i dont mean sexin a big booty red bone in kingston type relating ..but i wish.)
but nah the video and song are a perfect companion when most videos nowadays aint got shit to do with the song
i myself have delt with a chick that could be described as “bad money” so the video
is especially relevant to me personally
as far as the song i actually didnt mind his singing…REPEAT


i love the smooth trax and the water rhodes is a nice accent..
the hook is especially descent
i guess DRAKE dont want his ex to move to a new city and become a smut lol
(damn homie you need to let her spread that love around lol)…PLAY


over it…SKIP

–up all night Ft niki minaj

i seen some chicks throw drinks on each other while this joint was on
in the bar
that alone makes it worth a…REPEAT

–Shut it down Ft the Dream

i fucks wit the dream
so that alone makes the track a go
and to all the ladies readin
take then fuckin heels off
but make sure them toes iz regulated properly first..PLAY

Light up FT Jay-Z


i think Jay was tryin hard as hell not to get the fuck ate on this track(no homo)

these hooks iz all starten to sound the same…FFWD

–Ceces Interlude

rock guitars and snappy snares
who ever this chick is DRAKE’s on her tilzop…PLAY

–thank me now


poison kisses

7 Jul

kisses dipped in poison

my thoughts run rampant

like my fingers over your sultry frame

my eyes search desperately

attempting to find meaning within the gaze of the moment

a kiss

something simple something meant to be sweet

perhaps a taste of honey

but rather a sting was all that was felt

fire coursing thorough our veins

your a possession of another

i feel pain as i melt

my vision is blurry

lips a shade of rose has seduced me so